Quick Budget Travel Tips and Save Money on Vacations.

Want budget travel tips for free?

* The Airfares *Jet airplane in a sky

  1. Airline Tickets
  2. Connecting Flights
  3. Travel Light Luggage
  4. Substitute Luggage
  5. Always Look into Round Trip Tickets
  6. Try to Get Back to the Same Airport
  7. Traveling to Two Countries


* The Eating Stuff *road-trip-food-2

  1. Plan Your Meals
  2. Cook for Yourself
  3. Meals Carryover
  4. Avoid Breakfast from the Hotels
  5. Eat More at Lunch Than Dinners


* The Car Rentals *car-rental-5-18-1_c

  1. Be Specific with Car Rentals
  2. Car Rental Coverage
  3. Size of the Car
  4. Children Car Seats
  5. Fill up that Rental Car
  6. Coupon Codes


* The Transportation *transportation

  1. Rail, Metros and Subway
  2. Night Train and Flights
  3. Take the Slower Transportation
  4. Avoid Taxis and Welcome Public Transportation
  5. Driving is Not Bad


* The Currency *BA18143

  1. Watch That Currency
  2. Getting Cash
  3. Try Using the Local Version of the Same Website


* The Accommodations *atlgt_accommodations

  1. Staying in a Town Next Door
  2. Home Exchanges
  3. Ask for free upgrades
  4. Vacation Home
  5. Suites


* The Shopping *77993-640x360-oxford-street-shopping-bags-640

  1. Duty Free
  2. Don’t Forget About Possible Tax Refunds
  3. Remember the bought items
  4. Try to move small bags in Big ones for less holdings. 


* The Alternatives *bright_lightbulbs_slide

  1. Tourist Spots May Not be That Hot
  2. Walk Around
  3. Enjoy the Local Version
  4. Be a Little Flexible with Travel Days
  5. Book a Bundle
  6. Go Off Season
  7. Travel Around Home
  8. Try Booking at Different Times


* The General *blogs720x479_7-ways-to-travel-like-a-local-in-south-africa

  1. Bid Your Own Price
  2. Discount Everything
  3. Don’t Give Up Looking for Deals
  4. Reward Points
  5. Go to the Grocery Store
  6. Age, Student and Membership Discounts
  7. Group Discounts
  8. Talk to the Locals
  9. Mini Tours


Hope you catched all things and tips…

Happy Journey…


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